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Weclome to Rule Thirty Four

RuleThirtyFour is a 10man guild located on Barthilas - US - Alliance. We transferred with a few members from Thaurissan Horde. We're Looking to make our mark here on Barthilas as we compete for realm firsts. We've already stuck to our plans to go balls deep into MoP Progression and have already achieved a fair few Realm First kills.

What we are currently seeking: Exceptional dps. Whether it be melee or ranged, we'll be interested in trying you out.

What do we expect from those interested in applying?

-World of Logs Parses
-The ability to stay focused 100% of the time
-2+ Minute AFK's are frowned upon, and will jeopardize your trial/raid spot
-The ability to take constructive criticism
-Being able to perform at your peak, whenever in a raid environment.

Raiding times:
Monday 6-10pm Server
Wednesday 6-10pm Server
Thursday 6-10pm Server
Sunday 6-10pm Server These days can and will change for Progression.

If you think you've got what it takes, feel free to apply.

Rule Thirty Four Team
Guild Perks
Mass resurrection
Mass Resurrection
Guild Level 25
Fast track Mount up Mr popularity Cash flow Fast track2 Reinforce Hasty hearth Reinforce2 The doctor is in Mobile banking Mr popularity2 Honorable mention Working overtime The quick and the dead Cash flow2 Guild mail For great justice Honorable mention2 For great justice2 Ride like the wind Working overtime2 Bountiful bags Bartering Mass resurrection